Vertical and Horizontal Blinds

For many people, horizontal blinds and vertical blinds are practically interchangeable. And that can be understandable: other than their orientation, vertical and horizontal blinds can look very similar, and for many they serve the same purpose. And yet, because of this, it can be difficult for some homeowners to decide whether they want vertical or horizontal blinds for their home. If you find yourself in this situation, let the window treatment experts at The Shade Smith in Charlottesville, VA explain them a bit more and help you decide.

Form and Function

Vertical and horizontal blinds, while similar, do look fairly different. But this is more than just a cosmetic difference: they also can serve different purposes. Because the slats of horizontal blinds are organized, as the name suggests, horizontally, they can only be raised up and lowered down. While this isn’t usually an issue, if you have very large or tall windows, vertical blinds may actually be better suited for your windows. Another surprising benefit of vertical blinds? They are perfect for dressing sliding glass doors because of their ability to be pushed to the side, giving you full access to your patio, pool, or backyard where horizontal blinds could be hindrance.

Material Matters

Because of their construction, horizontal and vertical blinds tend to be made of different kinds of materials. Typically, horizontal blinds are made of harder materials, such as hardwood or synthetic wood, making these blinds a great choice for more formal spaces. Vertical blinds, on the other hand, tend to be made of softer materials, such as vinyl or fabric, which can make a space feel more dressed-down or soft, making them a great choice for spaces like nurseries and living rooms.

Don’t Forget the Cords

Cords are no one’s favorite part of any window treatment, but they can actually pose more of a problem than you might expect. If you have small children or pets, cords can be an actual safety hazard, so be mindful of them when you are choosing which window treatment you prefer. Horizontal blinds tend to have more traditional cords, while vertical blinds can have safer wand-cord options. Do you want to get rid of cords altogether? Get your blinds motorized through Hunter Douglas’s PowerView® motorization system, and never have to worry about cords ever again!

Do you feel more prepared to decide which style of Hunter Douglas blinds is right for your home? If you do, then contact The Shade Smith today and make an appointment for an in-home window treatment consultation! We proudly serve the greater Charlottesville, VA area.