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Operate Your Motorized Blinds and Shades

Operate Your Hunter Douglas Motorized Blinds and Shades

While motorized blinds and shades are an exciting addition to any home, for those of us that don’t pride ourselves on being technologically savvy, it can be a little stressful to think about operating a complicated piece of machinery in your home. But, in fact, motorized blinds and shades from Hunter Douglas are meant to make your home more convenient, not less. Don’t believe us? The Shade Smith of Charlottesville, VA is here to tell you about all the easy ways to operate your motorized window treatments.

1. The Pebble Remote Control

The most traditional means of operating your motorized Hunter Douglas blinds and shades is with the Pebble Remote Control. Hunter Douglas’s unique take on the traditional remote control, the Pebble takes that idea one step further with a tasteful, ergonomic design, a range of trendy colors to match your décor, a simple layout of buttons, and a streamlined selection of features. If you want the simplest, most convenient motorized window treatment experience possible, the Pebble Remote Control is for you.

2. The Pebble Scene Controller

If you like the sleek design of the Pebble Remote Control, but want a wider array of features and operation choices, then the Pebble Scene Controller is a perfect option. The Pebble Scene Controller looks exactly the same as the Pebble Remote Control, but actually allows you to program your window treatments in addition to controlling them manually. These programmed settings, called “Scenes,” allow you to control multiple window treatments at the same time, or even set them up to control themselves.

3. The PowerView® Mobile App

Whether you don’t want to keep up with a remote control, or you want the broadest array of operating options available, the PowerView® mobile app is for you. Downloaded for free onto your smartphone or tablet, the PowerView® mobile app has the same selection of features as the Pebble Scene Controller, but in the convenient location of something that is always on your person to begin with. And the best part? By connecting to wi-fi, you can actually control your window treatments from anywhere in the world.

Do you feel prepared to operate your motorized blinds and shades? If so, then contact The Shade Smith of Charlottesville, VA today to get started on revolutionizing your home’s window coverings.